Polar Mist Baby You’re a Song




Elune is a very affectionate, curious and energetic girl! She came to us from the Polar Mist kennels and has a very impressive pedigree which includes many top winning Samoyeds. She is a very pretty girl with lovely eye shape and a big Sammy smile. She has great substance and a big flashy sidegait.

Elune loves being petted, getting belly rubs, being held… did I mentioned she likes being petted? She is a very bouncy and excitable girl, she can jump 3 ft high in the air from standing still if you say her name in a high-pitched enough voice! She is always curious about what we’re doing, whether I’m tying my shoes or cooking dinner, Elune is always there.

She is also quite a comedian, she always makes us laugh by doing the most silly and ridiculous things I didn’t even know dogs could do – such as pretending a berry I just gave her is some sort of monster and jumping all around it and pouncing it as if it was her prey! Eventually she eats it after the poor berry has been sufficiently squashed.

Elune is definitely more of a people’s dog than a dog’s dog, she gets along fine with our other dogs but will take the company of humans over them any time.

She has a very showy and flashy temperament, she loves being the center of everyone’s attention! Elune’s littermate sister Sierra was the Grand Futurity winner of the SCA Nations in 2014.

OFA Hips: Fair (no signs of hip dysplasia)

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal

Cardiac: Normal

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