Home remedy for dog cough

Recently one of our girls picked up some sort of viral upper respiratory infection at a dog show she went to. We connected the dots quickly because there were a few dogs coughing at the show and exactly a week later she started coughing as well which is the right...

Absolutely unacceptable puppy buyer behavior

Today one of my dog show friends shared something very upsetting for any responsible breeder to see. She found an ad on Craigslist of a puppy buyer selling their 4 month old Samoyed puppy because “dog ownership turned out not to be for them”. See the...

Orion wins Best in Specialty Show!!!

Orion won Best in Specialty Show at the Denver Samoyed specialty today!!! I am beyond proud of our special boy! Here is an unofficial picture we took outside the ring today, I will post his proper winning picture when we get it!

Late October pack hike in CO

Did our first snowy hike of the season this weekend, we started at 11400 ft and hiked 2.5 miles up to 12400 ft and then back down. The dogs were so excited about snow! At Yankee Boy Basin, CO.    

Canine Good Citizen Test

The AKC Canine Good Citizen Test is a test designed for dog owners to demonstrate that their dog is well trained and behaved in a public setting. During the test the judge will look at the dog’s ability to listen to the owner’s commands, asses its...